When you have lived in a house for a long time, you no longer have a critical eye. Fiona provided us with a four-page list of how to prepare our home. Ultimately, she is responsible for the end product she is going to put on the market and we trusted her recommendations. We put it on the market and had three bids in the first week. Our accepted offer was close to asking price. What’s great about working with Fiona? She is a pro. I don’t know any other brokers who are that hands-on.

Patrik J., Rye

Fiona gives you an accurate lay-of-the land. She works with clients in a way that’s comfortable, yet customized, down to her communication style. We had good information from her and were able to make the best decisions for us. Fiona feels like your smart best friend who gives you the best advice and gets it done. She’s charming, a straight shooter, and she’s always accessible. The experience with Fiona left us with a good feeling.

Helen and Bill, Rye, NY

Selling my home with Fiona was a full-service experience. She staged it for me. She even watered my window boxes when I was on vacation. I highly recommend Fiona.

Emily M.

Fiona had done a lot of research in advance of our first meeting. She had amazing vision on how we could stage and transform my home for sale. To see her vision come to life was dazzling, and beautiful, and so exciting. It was a great sense of accomplishment.

Lynne J., Rye