I trusted Fiona. She told me when she saw that a house was not right for my family—she wasn’t trying to make a quick commission. She had sincere motivation, like a godmother, saying ‘This is the right place for you!’ It was invaluable to me to have a buyer’s agent with a local perspective.

Dorothy P.

We wanted to downsize. Fiona gave us a guide to prepare and we followed it: We cleaned up our landscaping, we scaled down our belongings. She did all the work to stage our home for the market. It looked so nice, and the photography was terrific. We received two offers after only four days! Fiona really delivered.

KS, Rye

I listed my home with Fiona because she approaches real estate with a real business acumen. It’s not a hobby for her — it’s her profession. Fiona is so knowledgeable and confident in her approach. When the offers came in, she guided me through the review of each potential renter’s financials. I knew I had an expert at my side. Things went a lot faster with Fiona at the helm.

Susan Watson

I trusted Fiona because she’s walked in my shoes. She educated us on all that Rye has to offer, she gave us a great sense of the neighborhoods and helped us to feel comfortable here. Fiona is such a great contact to have because she stays in touch. She is helpful on everything and helped us to settle into our new community. We are so grateful for what she is doing to help.

Bettina, Rye