"Over the full year of our search, Fiona did an impeccable job."

My husband and I have very different tastes. As a couple interested in making the move from NYC to Westchester, we weren’t sure which area in Westchester or type of home would best suit us. Fiona was not only willing but eager to take on the challenge. From the first outing and over the full year of our search, she did an impeccable job of both flagging homes we wanted to see and picking out a few to further our education of the types of homes available. She never made us feel rushed and at each meeting, Fiona was always organized, polished, and warm. She is honest, quick to respond, and very well respected in the community amongst other brokers and people we [now] know in the area. As parents-to-be, schools and communities were so important to us and Fiona’s experience as a mom in Rye gave us insight into the school systems, community centers and benefits of living in each town. We fondly look back on working with Fiona and would highly recommend consulting with her if interested in buying a home.

Danielle Rehfeld,