"What an absolutely fantastic experience it was working with you..."

"What an absolutely fantastic experience it was working with you to sell our house! While selling a house always has challenges, especially in a down economy, your enthusiasm and realistic approach to marketing and selling made all the difference. From the first day we met, you saw all of the great things about our house and were able to share them with buyers and realtors. You brought in so many people because you took great efforts to always keep our property in front of buyer realtors. You worked hard to ensure we were always aware of our rights as sellers and that we were not doing anything to put ourselves at risk. And your constant communication put us at ease during what could have been a nerve wracking process. After considering working with several other realtors and their different approaches to selling our house, you were a perfect match for us and for our house. Working with you was positively refreshing. Thank you."

D & M L, Rye, NY,